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Political Economy Readings
a supplement to the syllabus for Political Economy of Industrial Societies 101
What is Political Economy?

Varieties of Liberalism
Varieties of Political Economy on the Left
Varieties of Political Economy on the Right
"Beyond" Left and Right
Economic Institutionalism
Varieties of Capitalism

United States
Japan  China
India  Indonesia other Asia  Australia
Germany  Britain France Netherlands Scandanavia
Russia  East Europe  Baltic States
Canada  Latin America
Property and Ownership
Labor, Work, and Consumption
Firms and Corporate Governance
Markets and Self-Organization
Taxation and Regulation
Growth and Development
Productivity and Innovation
Citizenship, Civic Culture, Social Capital
International Finance
International Trade: Overviews and Barriers
International  Institutions
International Production
International Migration
International Influence on Domestic Political Economy
World Trading Blocs
European Union
Economic Nationalism and Imperialism
Political Economy of War and Terrorism
Politics of World Economic Cycles
Regional Political Economy
Labor and Business Organizations
Central Banks and Monetary Policy
National Financial Systems and Fiscal Policy
Wage Bargaining
Education and Training
State Size and Structure, Deconcentration, and Devolution
Political Business Cycles: Electoral and Partisan
Theories of Globalization
Cross-National Production Networks
New Economy, Information Economy
Intellectual Property
Non-Governmental Organizations
Global Social Movements

What is Political Economy?

Heilbroner, Robert L.  The Worldly Philosophers, including Heilbroner's "Guide to Further Reading."
Heilbroner, Robert L.  Teachings from the Worldly Philosophy (W.W. Norton 1996), a more technical follow up to first book.

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Varieties of Liberalism

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Not dead -- The rise of citizen groups --
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Varieties of Political Economy on the Left



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queer political economy

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Varieties of Political Economy on the Right

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Others: nativism, right in Japan, Pat Buchanan, eco-fascism (a secondary emphasis in Nazism)

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"Beyond" Right and Left

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Economic Institutionalism

John McGee and Steven Cheung.  1983.  Journal of Law and Economics
By the end of the evening, Coase had converted them all, and according to John McGee and Steven Cheung, "the debaters stumbled out into the evening air in a state of shock, mumbling to each other that they had witnessed intellectual history." (The episode is recalled in detail in a special 1983 issue of The Journal of Law and Economics.)

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Varieties of Capitalism

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Labor, Work, Consumption

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Gold standard
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Eichengreen, Barry, Golden Fetters: The Gold Standard and the Great Depression, 1919-39. (Oxford 1993).
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Fiat money
The Currency Game: Exchange Rate Politics in Latin America.  Edited by Jeffry Frieden and Ernesto Stein.  JHU Press, 2001.
Focuses on interest groups, electoral competition, and electoral timing.

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Keynes, Hayek, Friedman, Galbraith, Kindleberger

Alternative money
Eric Helleiner.  Think Globally, Transact Locally: Green Political Economy and the Local Currency Movement, Global Society, Volume 14, Number 1, January 2000, 35 - 51

Firms and Corporate Governance

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HB41 F57 1990 $18.95 paper TEL 805 499 0721

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corporate governance
Alex Berenson.  The Number: How the Drive for Quarterly Earnings Corrupted Wall Street and Corporate America.  Random House.
Examines the problem of who accounts for the accountants as they produce quarterly earnings statements.


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Taxation and Regulation

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Growth and Development

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Social capital

Regional Political Economy

Michael Lind.  George W. Bush and the Southern Takeover of American Politics, 2003.  Identifies regional bases for resource extraction and state-supported high tech within Texas.
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Labor and business organizations

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Central Banks and Monetary Policy

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National Financial Systems and Fiscal Policy

Government Spending and Public Debt
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also appears as IMF Staff Papers 42:1-31 March 1995.

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Private Sector Financial Structure
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Financial Regulation
Frank Partnoy.  Infectious Greed: How Deceit and Risk Corrupted the Financial Markets.  Times Books.
Regulate derivatives like stocks; move from rules-based to standards-based accounting; prosecute complex fraud (e.g., total return swaps, spread options) as aggressively as simpler fraud.

Wage Bargaining

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of Industrial Relations in Denmark and Sweden," WP 1991, 513-45.

Education and Training

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State Size and Structure, Deconcentration, and Devolution

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  Stable URL:

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